My aim is to help you

My aim is to help you transform your life so that you can live the life which you want for yourself. To get rid of those old patterns which have held you back and set you free. Many people spend their whole lives struggling with subconscious patterns which sabotage how they function in relationships, work, home environment and in relation to themselves.

Everyone has areas where they feel the need to improve themselves whether it is:

  • comfort in social contexts
  • changing life long habits
  • personal and family relationships
  • work performance
  • anxiety
  • overcoming addictions
  • personal drive and life direction
  • confident public speaking
  • managing stress
  • compulsive behaviours
  • phobias
  • low self esteem
  • dreams or nightmares
  • coping with grief
  • quitting smoking
  • fatigue
  • health issues
  • life transitions
  • overcoming depression
  • alleviating panic attacks
  • changing irrational behaviours
  • anger management
  • grief issues