The Process

Hypnotherapy is a complex and multifaceted process which incorporates multiple tools such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) mindfulness meditation, direct suggestion, indirect suggestion and integration of hypnotic phenomena with contextual psychology.

This therapy adds to the traditional hypnotherapist’s role and also unpicks the underlying issues which affect your life and stop you becoming the person you really want to be. Many clients find that this therapy gives them the tools and perspective to really take control of themselves and undo years of negative behaviour patterns. This way, the areas in their lives which have held them back and frustrated their aspirations are healed and enables them to transform into the person they have always wanted to be.

I also provide clients with a number of strategies and skills including self-hypnosis, DBT, relaxation techniques, EFT, past life regression and cognitive behaviour therapy to help them consciously manage themselves and their behaviour in the future. This way, clients are empowered to continue the process of creating effective and long lasting change in their lives long after the therapy has finished. We work together to bring about long lasting change and the client is an active and powerful participant in their transformation process.

My practice can involve not just Clinical Hypnotherapy for a single issue but also can take a wholistic look at your life and issues in order to create lasting change. This approach treats the whole person and identifies underlying issues which may affect your functioning in every part of your life, to uncover and understand patterns in your life which create physical, emotional and mental pain. The aim is to enable you to transform your life and to become your true self.


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